Photographer Anastasia Barmina
Photographer Anastasia Barmina
Photographer Anastasia Barmina
Photographer Anastasia Barmina
Photographer Anastasia Barmina
Photographer Anastasia Barmina
Photographer Anastasia Barmina

My name is Anastasia Barmina

I am glad to welcome you!

My name is Anastasia Barmina.  I am glad to welcome you! I am a regional representer of “Eurasia” photograph association.
Except photography, i have organized master classes, workshops and photo tours since 2017 for photographs in Russia and abroad.

I teach photography and have personal retouch lessons According to judges choice of 35AWARDS and websites i am ranked in 100 best world photographers in 2018 and 2022.

According to judges choice of website I am 4th in the rank among Russian photographers  

  • Expert of WPE
  • Winner of the FIAP World Cup in photography as part of the Russian national team
  • Winner (1st place fashion and glamour 35 BEST SERIES PHOTOS) 6TH 35AWARDS 2021
  • Winner (1st place in the female color Portrait) 35AWARDS 2021 ▪Winner (1st place in individuel) WPE AWARDS first half 2020
  • Winner (1st place in Group/Famillies) WPE — International Photographers Awards 2022
  • FIAP Ribbon 64th Dum Dum International Print Salon 2022
  • Salon Bronze medal 7th Circular Exhibition of Photography “FKNS WINTER CIRCUIT 2022” Salon Kula
  •  Varadinum Salon Bronze 3rd Romanian Grand Circuit 2022 — Autumn Edition Varadinum Salon
  • FIAP SILVER MEDAL Turkish Pharmacists’ Association International Photography Contest
  • FIAP GOLD MEDAL  20th Adana Rotary Club International Photography Contest 2023
  • SALON SILVER MEDAL 3rd Circular Exhibition of Photography"NPS PLS CIRCUIT 2023”  

  • About me

      I have been doing photography since 2017. I live in Yekaterinburg. I shoot all over the world.

       I shoot with special warmth in the genres of family and children’s photography. Especially, I like working in the genre of female portrait. I am in photography in order to inspire and capture the happy moments of your life. For 6 years I:

      • have hosted more than 500 photo shoots

      • have organized over 180 master classes by top photographers 

      • have hosted 5 photo tours abroad and in Russia

      • taught more than 500 photographers my editing algorithm  

    Photographer Anastasia Barmina

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    +7 9028748825

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